About ADF

AUTODAFEH is from the South of Sweden and makes hard pumping
EBM/Electronic Music with glorious sing-along lyrics. AUTODAFEH
is clearly influenced by bands like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb, but their
sound is unique and has got a special twist to it, and that makes
AUTODAFEH a very nice contribution to the world of EBM.

The story began in late 2007 when 2 old friends Jesper and Mika met again after several
years they started to talk about forming a classical EBM-band with a new twist. Mika who
was already working with Anders in another music project, asked him if he wanted to join,
and he did. The three of them then formed AUTODAFEH (ADF).

AUTODAFEH started to make some very cool tunes, and due to the buzz on myspace and
other internet based pages they got in contact with Sigsaly Transmissions who signed
them instantly, and the debut album Hunt For Glory is planned to be released
in the middle of june 2008.

  Lead vocals, computers, keys, percussions
Anders:  Vocals, computers, keys
Jesper:  Vocals, noise, percussions


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