Posted by: autodafeh | February 23, 2010

Identity Unknown to be released

Autodafeh will release Identity Unknown on the 26th of February
EBM: The way it was meant to be…

After a year of touring and the release of their groundbreaking EP “re:lecto”, Autodafeh brings forth their newest masterpiece of Electronic Body Music the full length album entitled, Identity Unknown.

The new album offers the fans 13 all new tracks of hard hitting, intelligent electronic brilliance. Supporting artists on this release include Claus Larsen (Lætherstrip), Daniel B. (Front 242), Xian Austin (Hardwire), and Evil E.

Home based in Sweden, Autodafeh is a trio consisting of Mika Rossi, Jesper Nilsson, and Anders Olsson.

After their debut album and EP releases found massive success in the European underground charts, the men have been traveling performing live for the ever growing fan base. They have gone from being the supporting act for inspirational artists such as Front 242, to now being themselves the headliner act.

Hunt for glory (Album – 2008)
re-lectro (EP – 2009)

Mika – vocals
Jeppe – drums
Anders – synths

EBM / Electro

01. Dead Eyes
02. Divided We Fall
03. Crash and Burn
04. Evil Doll
05. Meltdown
06. Identity Unknown
07. Love, Hate and Pain
08. 7 Sins
09. Brick by Brick
10. Hall of Fame
11. Fake
12. Outbreak
13. DWF (Pirate Remix by Daniel B. of Front 242)

February 26th, 2010

Taken from Promofabrik

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