Posted by: autodafeh | January 12, 2009

A very exciting weekend

We’ve had a very exciting weekend.

On Friday we went to Gothenburg to Trägårn to play support for Front 242 and on saturday we went to Malmö and had the oppertunity to  open for them again.

They put on a great show!

Strangly though thier airline managed to lose one of thier suitcases (again) and thier drummer was left without a pad! Luckily we had one he could use 😀

Our gigs went really well and the audience was great and we’ve never played for such a large crowed. GBG had about 750 people and KB had about 800 (we think). A great experinece.

This was our setlist :

1 – Anger And Hate
2 – Crash And burn
3 – One Man
4 – No Names
5 – Stompers
6 – Mother Green
7 – Souls Of Destruction
8 – Bodycount
9 – Fuel Of Fire

Thank you all!


KB 10-01-2009

KB 10-01-2009

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