Posted by: autodafeh | December 31, 2008

2008 what can we say!

Well…first of all thank you all for supporting us, we love you all!

We started in late 2007 and this year have been very exciting. We made a few demos and got ourself a Myspace, in March we got a very nice suggestion from Marc at Sigsaly Transmissions and we signed with him. We started to make more tracks and in July our album “Hunt For Glory” was released in the US.

We had our first live gig in August in a swedish town called Veberöd.
In October we entered the DAC-chart and we where at the no1 spot for 4 weeks.
In Nowember Hunt For Glory was released worldwide.
In December we played Electrixmas.

We have had a very fortunate year, thank you all again, and we look forward to see you in 2009.

Some goodies for 2009 so far…..
We’re supporting Front 242 in Sweden in January
We will release an EP called re:lectro
We will be playing Familientreffen V in Germany 😀
Have a great new year!!

Dont forget to download our free track “Anger & Hate” (not featured on Hunt For Glory)


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